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Haiti Papier Mache & Clay Bead Bracelet - Single m/3

Haiti Papier Mache & Clay Bead Bracelet - Single m/3

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These unique bracelets are crafted by village artisans in Haiti using handmade papier mache and clay beads crafted in their own workshop.  Each bracelet is unique and one-of-a-kind.  These look great worn on their own or stacked.  

Story Behind the Art

The crafting process is very detailed and time consuming from start to finish.  Artisans use two different art techniques to craft the papier mache beads and clay beads.   The art of making clay beads from scratch begins with hand-rolling the clay into the bead and delicately piercing it to form the beading hole, before firing in the kiln.  The beads are then hand-painted and glazed before the final firing.


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